Vishwa Deepak

Vishwa Deepak

Vishwa Deepak (विश्व दीपक) is well known electronic media journalist worked with various renowned media house like BBC News, DW Deutsche Welle Bonn, Germany, Aaj Tak, Z News etc.

Early life :
Vishwa Deepak was born in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh. He received his diploma in journalism from the Indian Institute of Mass Communication, New Delhi.

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Controversies :
He left his job as producer at Z News on 19th February 2016 blaming ‘It feels like we are govt spokespersons’.

In a latter of Vishwa Deepak he wrote :

As journalists, we raise questions about others but never about ourselves. We decide everyone else’s responsibility but never ours. We are called the fourth pillar of democracy but are we, our institutions , our thinking and our “modus operandi” democratic enough ? This is not just my question. It is a question everybody is asking.

Vishwa Deepak
(Vishwa Deepak)
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Z News
Uttar Pradesh,

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