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If you like to watch Indian vines which closely resembles our day-to-day life, then, of course, Bhuvan Bam aka BB Ki Vines needs no introduction. He is a singer, a writer, a musician and has gained a massive popularity with the help of his Youtube channel that host a wide range of content including comedic parody situations and musically themed clips from our daily life.

His Youtube channel was created in 2015 and since then he has found widespread popularity throughout India and the world with its witty and original content. Today his channel has reached to about 2 million subscribers and with no surprise, he became one of the top earning Youtuber in India. His popular works include famous characters like Papa Maakichu, Sameer Fuddi and of course the Angry masterji.

Personal Life

The day of 21st January is very special for millions of YouTubers because of its the day when their favorite Youtuber Bhuvan Bam was Born in 1994. The star hails from Delhi and has completed his graduation from  Delhi University. Before all the popularity that he gained from his channel, he tried enough to make a strong presence in Music and composition but somehow he was not able to make a promising career out of it. Although he has achieved so much success with his YouTube videos, Bhuvan himself denies being a comedian and loves to be referred as a musician for his achievements in the field of music and compositions. According to his friends, Bhuvan is not a one night star, he has been doing comedy and entertaining people right from his childhood.

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The art of bringing a smile to millions of face is not an easy task. For that, you need some real talent and wittiness like Bhuvan Bam. He had that special ability right from his childhood and Some of the random videos in past made by Bhuvan were very much appreciated. One day all of a sudden when he was checking out the function of his Nexus, he came up with the idea of making videos for his channel. Although his very first video name ‘The Chakhna Issue’ got something around 10-15 views, he didn’t quit his job and worked very hard for his channel. Today his channel BB ki Vines has nearly 90 videos and each video is creating a strong fan base for the star.Here is the list of some of the top videos made by Bhuvan Bam.

Video Views
BB Ki Vines – Papa Maakichu 9,347,000 +
BB Ki Vines- Angry Masterji – Part 8 8,990,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Angry Masterji – Part 7 7,886,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Mann Ki Baat 7,874,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Valentine’s Week Hutiyapa 6,974,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Examination Hutiyapa 6,348,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Ek Teer Do Nishaane 6,190,000 +
BB Ki Vines – Whatsapp Massage 6,035,690 +

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Facts about Bhuvan Bam aka BB ki Vines

In his short career, Bhuvan Bam has received a massive success and has collaborated with many other performers and YouTube channels to create videos, including TVF and others. Apart from his videos, he has also performed in some of the live concerts and musical numbers with some of the best-known stars like Vaibhav Boondhu. Before we end, let’s discuss some of the not very known facts about Bhuvan Bam aka BB KI VINES.

(1) Although the reason behind Bhuvan Bam massive success lies in his unique writing and acting skills but many of people says that his video is very much inspired from Superwoman aka Lilly Singh, one of the favorite YouTuber from Canada.

(2) Bhuvan Bam started his Youtube Journey with his first video named ‘The Chakhna Issue’ back in 2014. That time the video only received 10-15 views and forced him to delete the video but what happened next is truly inspiring for Everyone.

(3) Bhuvan Bam is not only popular in India but he has a huge fan following in Pakistan and Bangladesh too. It was due to his international fan that he decided to create a Facebook page and the YouTube channel.

(4) Bhuvan is not only a comedian but also a very good singer and composer. The song “Ban-Chod” made by Bhuvan released in March 2015 was a rage among his fan. The video was on Youtube top Videos for a week.

(5) Bhuvan bam has also delivered a TED talk where he was invited to share the secrets of his success. Recently his youtube channel BB KI VINES got the “Most popular youtube channel in India” award at an award ceremony hosted by Webtvasia in Bangkok.

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